How Old Should My Child Be To Use Avdar Gym Products?

How Old Should My Child Be To Use Avdar Gym Products?

We've gotten a lot of enquiries about Avdar Gym products and one common question asked by parents is how old should my child be, before they can use Avdar Gym products? Quite honestly, you can use it with your child as soon as your child is born! These gyms will grow with your child. That's why it's amazing.

The gym can be used for every development milestone of your child. We've seen parents

hang baby mobiles on the pikler or the trapets, and they would let the baby lie down beneath those baby mobiles. It can be a space for babies to do tummy time. When they start moving and crawling, you could use the slide and have them crawl up the slide placed at the lowest inclination. And as they continue to develop more strength and stability, you could slowly increase the inclination. They could also learn how to climb up the pikler or the trapet ladder.

And even after they've gone to pre-school or at school age, there's still so much they can do with the pikler or the trapet. As they grow, new challenges can be created to suit their mobility development, triggering problem solving skills and critical thinking. The play is truly infinite!

Or... it'll just be a really cool place for your child to hang out and laze around. The kids would love their own space. That's for sure.

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