Collection: Anak Rimba x TOOCANPLAY

We love the books written by Abyan and Farah of Anak Rimba; books that focus on creating awareness about the environment through stories. Our son loves them all... and just seeing him learn more about Malaysian animals is awesome. 

With this collaboration comes special bundles for you and your child. Introduce some of the animals of Malaysia to them, teach them about protecting our environment, unleash their creativity through some doodling and do a little good deed by donating to the Malaysian Nature Society. 

Anak Rimba

Anak Rimba Books was created by Abyan and Farah in 2017 who both had a shared interest in promoting creative content that focuses on conservation awareness. Anak Rimba means ‘Children of the Forest’ in Bahasa.

Using creative storytelling, we give endangered animals and the environment a centre stage. We want to cultivate nature loving children and instill in them universal values such as kindness and respecting nature and animals. 

Quite simply, we are two girls who grew up in a big city and want to teach the younger generation to appreciate nature and what we have now before it disappears. Through our stories, we hope that the next generation after us will grow up loving nature and help reduce further impact to our planet.