The Beauty of Open-Ended Play

Before we became parents, the concept of open-ended play was not something that we were familiar with. However, we've always believed that play is the core to a child's upbringing and that learning can be done through play. 100%. It was during the same time when our first child was born that we got ourselves more familiarised with the concept of open-ended play. I realised that it connects very well to the value we want to achieve when raising our child. So I remember being really excited about embarking in this entire open-ended play journey and got our first born his first rainbow stacker at age 1. It didn't get play with much so it sat on our shelf as a beautiful decoration....

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How Old Should My Child Be To Use Avdar Gym Products?

We've gotten a lot of enquiries about Avdar Gym products and one common question asked by parents is how old should my child be, before they can use Avdar Gym products? Quite honestly, you can use it with your child as soon as your child is born! These gyms will grow with your child. That's why it's amazing.The gym can be used for every development milestone of your child. We've seen parents hang baby mobiles on the pikler or the trapets, and they would let the baby lie down beneath those baby mobiles. It can be a space for babies to do tummy time. When they start moving and crawling, you could use the slide and have them crawl up the...

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Welcome to TOOCAN Talk! We'll bring to you useful information about the products we carry in our online store, how to play tips for you and your little ones, thoughts and sharing on open-ended play and answers to some of the FAQs. It'll be information that you don't want to miss!  

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