Collection: Messy Play Don't Care x TOOCANPLAY

A collaborative effort between TOOCANPLAY and Messy Play Don't Care, these bundles are only available at our store. 

With their messy play kits that promotes infinite play and endless learning, we are super excited with this collaboration to bring to you bundles that would make plays and learning even more interesting for your child. 

Messy Play Don't Care 

Messy Play, or sometimes referred to as ‘sensory play’, is a hands-on activity that fully engages a child’s senses – eyes, ears, nose, mouth, touch, balance, or movement. Messy Play Kits are STEAM activity kits that allow children to explore and experiment with their surroundings and environment without any restrictions. Many studies have found that messy play has significant benefits on a young child’s development. While many of us parents tend to teach our kids NOT to make a mess, what we don’t realize is that they actually learn from doing just that!

A child’s endless wonder and pure imagination is celebrated at Messy Play Don't Care! Embracing their passion for sustainability, all their products, from the exterior packaging to the toys enclosed within, are meticulously designed for long-term durability and continuous learning. Just as there are no restrictions in messy play, there are no limits to their play kits!

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