Our Story

Growing up as a child, the one toy that we played a lot with was Lego blocks. We didn't have a lot of sets, or rather, we didn't need to have a lot of sets. I remember having one classic Lego set and we would spend a lot of time building items after items after items. We would dismantle them and start over again. 

We love open-ended play, creative play, infinite play. It gives us the opportunity to express ourselves and now, we want our children to have that opportunity too. Aside from Legos, it wasn't easy to purchase high quality open-ended toys in Malaysia. There are definitely more options than before, but we believe there should be even more choices for parents.

And quite honestly, it’s not just about open-ended play. We believe in a wholesome development of a child, physically, mentally, emotionally. Aside from us parents, there are toys and supplies that can assist in our children’s development.

That's why we started TOOCANPLAY. With TOOCANPLAY, we aim to have a curated collection of premium, award winning, high quality toys and toys that can allow open-ended play among young children, toys can help in the physical, mental and emotional development of a child. We want to provide parents with the option to purchase toys that can stand the test of time, with high safety standard, giving parents a peace of mind as their child plays with it. And we want to make these amazing toys easier for parents to attain.

We will continue to bring in collections that will benefit the children, and together, let's make learning a part of playing. 


About Us

We are parents to 2 amazing boys age 4.5 years old and 2 year old and we are a strong believer of the power of learning through play. We have been exploring open-ended play with our eldest child, and we have been amazed by some of his development.

More importantly, our children are always the happiest when they are playing and if we as parents can encourage creative play and learning is still happening, that is a huge win.