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Early Childhood Activity Cards (80 Cards)

Early Childhood Activity Cards (80 Cards)

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At SumBlox we believe learning should be fun, and games should be challenging and interactive. 

That's why we worked hard developing an extensive learning support system to support you and your children or students, so that you can get the most out of your time playing with our blocks. 

The best teaching methods can vary depending on the teacher and the students, but we believe there is no single 'silver bullet' to solve all educational hurdles. Whether the learning environment is 'teacher-centred' or 'student-centred', if the methods are considered high or low tech, the goal is the same. These activities are designed to develop academic knowledge through a series of games and challenges, that can be enjoyed by educators and students a-like. 

The SumBlox ecosystem is an almost perfect embodiment of Kinesthetic learning in action. Children learn through the gamification of subject matter, and the repetition of certain mathematical concepts through a variety of activities, avoiding burnout or boredom.

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