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Birds (set of 7)

Birds (set of 7)

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Who's loving this set of 7 birds? Maybe have them stand on a wooden tree? Or on the ground pecking on some grains? Or using the birds as you sing your child nursery rhymes? Definitely a lot of ways to play with this set!

Toy size:
bullfinch: 5x3,5 cm (2" x 1,75")
crow: 5x5,5 cm (2" x 2,2")
tree sparrow: 3,5x3,5cm (1,75"x 1,75")
woodpecker: 5,5 x4 cm (2,2"x1,6")
tit: 5,5 x3,5 cm (2,2" x 1,75")
owl: 5 x 4 cm (2" x 1,6")
magpie: 7 x 5 cm (2,8 " x 2")

The toys have been handcrafted from solid birch wood. The colour and wood texture may differ slightly from the photos.

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