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Carry-Play™ Table Inserts

Carry-Play™ Table Inserts

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Inserts for your Carry-Play™ Table to Elevate Your Play

Standard Tray Insert

This insert is for the trays that come in our Expansion Pack and completely covers and protects the inside of the table while using the trays, preventing loose bits from falling into the nooks and crannies.

Small Trofast Tub Insert

This insert is for the small Trofast tub that is available from IKEA.

Flisat Activity Insert

This adaptor allows you to use Flisat activity inserts with the Carry-Play™. It can hold 1 x large Flisat activity insert, or 2 x small activity inserts. We highly recommend using this with the Standard Tray Insert listed above for a more secure positioning.

Solid Insert

A solid panel of acrylic with one side frosted, and the other side non-frosted, which is compatible with all markers with easy-wipe results. Also a great light table surface.


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