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[PRE-ORDER] Hug Hug Bed

[PRE-ORDER] Hug Hug Bed

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It's a trendy and cozy bed for the lovely kids. Our focus is on providing a sense of warmth and intimacy within the home.

The design is so specifically to meet children's desire for comfort and affection. The bed serves as a "second embrace" for children, offering a warm and intimate sleeping experience. With its rounded edges, children can embrace it to their heart's content. The bed is also flexible, allowing for customization to cater to the sleep needs of children at different stages of growth.

One Bed, Six Sleeping Positions:

  • Floor Bed: Place the bed directly on the floor for a low-profile sleeping experience.
  • Co-sleeper: Position the bed against a wall or bedside to create a cozy sleeping space.
  • Toddler Bed: Customize the bed for kids with appropriate safety features and decorations.
  • Sofa: Convert the bed into a comfortable sofa by using additional cushions.
  • Kids Single Bed + Floor Bed: Utilize the bed as a single-sized bed for individual sleep.
  • Floor Bed + Game Table:  Rearrange the components to transform the bed into a functional play table.

Note: The bed is designed to be easily disassembled and reassembled, allowing for flexibility and customization according to your needs.

In collaboration with the renowned century-old mattress brand, KING KOIL, AVDAR HOME has created a co-branded collection of professional spine-supporting mattress. The mattress is not only safe and environmentally friendly but also free from formaldehyde and heavy metals. The embedded screws are carefully placed within grooves, providing a secure and child-friendly surface.

Bed size:166*86*77cm

Mattress size:160*80*9cm

Matt Thickness: 9cm

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