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[PRE-ORDER] Seagull Mobile Hanger

[PRE-ORDER] Seagull Mobile Hanger

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This beautifully designed AVDAR seagull mobile hanger is the latest addition to Avdar's home series. This mobile hanger set comes with a wooden wave mobile and also a monochrome mobile inspired by the artwork of the great Wassily Kandisnky, ready to give the greatest benefit to your newborn.

A mobile can help provide visual stimulation to your baby at a young age. A mobile also helps with physical development, as they grow and learn to judge distances and spatial awareness. As they develop the skills to reach out for items, the mobile can assist in hand-eye coordination training. 

With an adjustable "seagull wing", this seagull mobile hanger can also be used to hang other decorative items. It also has a non-slippery bottom, to give that extra safety feature when placing the item above your child. 

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Product size: 137.5 x 30cm

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